Occupied Work Orders

Our staff is experienced in handling just about anything that comes their way. Our schedulers will take the toll off you and call the tenant to schedule their maintenance/work orders. We will then update you on repairs and follow up with a tenant courtesy call as soon as our tech leaves the property. This helps ensure us that: 

  1. Our technician was professional and friendly.
  2. Our technician cleaned up after themselves.
  3. All items on the work order were completed. 

Which in turn will help us, and you, from any unneeded callbacks or upset tenants. Quality tenant care! Not only will they know we care, but they will also know that their management team cares as well. This will all be done before you receive an invoice.

Make Ready Services

We can itemize bid any make ready you have. 

We take full photos of the properties in case you need them. We can note tenant damages for you, as well as itemize line-by-line what we see that needs addressed in order to have the property back to Move in Ready condition for the next tenant. 

Owners and Managers can pick and choose which items they would like done, therefore help fit any budget you may have. 

We are here to help your owners save money; therefore, we can always try to repair rather than replace. We always try to touch up paint rather than fully paint when needed. 

We require our techs to take before AND after photos of repairs and make ready’s, in case your owners want them. We use the most current software to help our technicians make notes, add photos and give updates; thus, making communication a key point so that nothing is missed. Our staff reads then, looks over photos, and notes, and contacts the tenants if occupied. All vacant properties are personally QC Inspected by one of our office staff before invoicing. 

We offer a full line of services to help you save time and money, and the hassle of re-walking your properties and dealing with multiple invoices. 

From dirt to roof, send one work order to us and we will send the appropriate techs out to complete the job. You will receive one invoice, not several.

Conquering Construction Services

We do offer emergency after-hour services, from emergency water issues to unsecured properties. Let us take the emergency weekend or night calls so you can enjoy your time away from the office. 

Rates available, ask for more information.


We do full-service remodeling from:

  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Room Add-ons
  • And more!

Property Inspections

We offer annual and quarterly property inspections. 

We will notify and schedule with the tenants if property is occupied. Upon completion, we will send over our inspection paperwork along with full photos. While inspecting the properties, we will replace the smoke alarm batteries and A/C filters to help keep your assets safe. 

We provide notes to any damages we see, along with pet information if needed. 

We offer discounted rates depending on the number of properties you have us inspect: 

  • 1-20 properties / $100 per inspection
  • 21-50 properties / $95 per inspection 
  • 51-100 properties / $90 per inspection
  • 100+ properties / $80 per inspection

Each inspection will include materials, photos, and an inspection form sent via email at the above price.

Lockboxes and Sign Placement Services

We offer lockbox installs and sign placement services. 

We can pick up your sign(s) and lockbox/keys, go to your properties and place sign(s) in the yard, install the lockbox and set your code for it. We can also remove sign(s) and lockboxes when leased and return items to your office. This not only frees up your time from having to leave your office, but also helps you get your signs put up/taken down faster and repairs done quicker by having faster access for your maintenance technicians. 

Flat rates available. Rates depend on location, ask for more information.

Marketing and Listing Photography

Marketing and

We offer marketing and listing photos. 

This service covers 20-50 quality photos for your staff to use for listing and marketing your property(s). 

We look at details in our photos such as: 

  • Blinds all down, open
  • Good, natural lighting 
  • No trash or people in background 
  • Positive, attractive angles of home 
  • Showing full amenities 

Did you know according to the National Association of Realtors 2017 study, homes with one photo spent an average of 70 days on the market? Whereas a home with 20 photos spent only 32 days on the market. Of course, this was for homes to sell, it’s even faster when for rent! 

Let us take your listing photos! 

Prices will vary by area and square footage, ask for a price sheet for more information!